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The Group’s archive is accessible to anyone carrying out research into aspects of the area or their family history.
Some of the items may be subject to copyright or other constraints, therefore reproduction of the archive contents requires prior approval.

Heritage Archive



Census records for Teversal Parish

Ashfield District Council’s Teversal Conservation Area Appraisal 2012

Reminiscences and photographs of former Teversal resident

Incomplete Letter dated 17th April 1891 concerning the effect of the marriage settlement on the Dowager Lady Carnarvon

St. Katherine’s Parish Magazines from 1905-17 giving details of events and inhabitants

Posters from exhibition giving details of four women scientists living within 20 miles of Teversal in the past 300 years

Weekly record kept by Jane Newbold teacher at Teversal School from 8/1/1880 - 31/3/1892 with details of pupils and events

Various documents relating to the Teversal Estate - see separate index

Letters from late 19th and early 20th centuries relating to Teversal Estate - see separate index

Catalogues and accompanying maps relating to the sale of the Teversal Estate by the Carnarvon Family in 1920, 1924 and 1929

List of properties and their tenants throughout the Teversal Estate with maps

Lists of field numbers and names with accompanying map and explanation

Teversal Heritage Group’s collection of documents, images and records has steadily grown since its formation. In the past the Group has shared this information on request with anyone wishing to carry out research into the area or their family history, or those who are simply curious. It has always been the Group’s aim to share these more widely which it can now do through digitising its archive.

The accumulated material provides a fascinating insight into life in Teversal in years gone by.

Quite often the Group encounters difficulties in identifying the locations and individuals in the documents and images so always welcomes contributions that may help solve the puzzle. If the information triggers memories that you would like to share the Group would like to hear from you.

The archive will increase as more items and information are accumulated so the Group welcomes any documents or information that can add to its records.

Please also bear in mind that our area is changing and what is current today is tomorrow’s history.


The archives have been obtained from many sources including:

  • National archives
  • Highclere archives
  • Nottingham University Manuscripts and Special Collections
  • Sutton. Mansfield and Nottingham libraries
  • Governments databases
  • Church records
  • Local authority records
  • Donated material from individuals


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