Memories and Reminiscences

Teversal Heritage Group’s Memories and Reminiscences archive consists of personal documents and photographs acquired by the Group through loans, donations and other sources . These are divided into folders according to the provider of the information. 

The Group welcomes any further information about the contents of the documents and images which might enhance our overall knowledge and understanding. This can be submitted using the Feedback form below each document and image, after which it will be reviewed and any new information used to update the accompanying details. Please accept that it is not possible for the Group to respond to each item of feedback.

Teversal Heritage Group is interested in memories and reminisces that shed light on life in Teversal in the past, the people who have lived here and the changes that have taken place. If you have memories or other material that you would like to share Teversal Heritage Group would be interested in hearing from you, via the Contact page.
The Group reserves the right to edit and delete passages from submissions and amend wording for a variety of reasons including brevity. Material included in this section does not represent the views of Teversal Heritage Group.

Images within the archive are not for reproduction due to copyright, the terms of their loan, or other restrictions.

Clicking on a Folder name below will open a new window showing the contents of the folder.



John Freeman 

Reminiscences and photographs of former Teversal resident

Diane Bartley 

A trip down Buttery Lane

If you would like to find our more about the Teversal Heritage group, or any of the projects we are working on, please contact us via our Contact page

PLEASE NOTE The Group’s archive is accessible to anyone carrying out research into aspects of the area or their family history. Some of the items may be subject to copyright or other constraints, therefore reproduction of the archive contents requires prior approval.